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About Jenius Credit Card

What is Jenius Credit Card?  

Jenius Credit Card is one of the loan products offered by Bank BTPN through the Jenius application. Credit cards can be used to make payments for shopping transactions and cash withdrawals at ATMs. The cardholder is obliged to make payments according to the monthly billing statement, either by paying it all at once or by paying in installments.​
What are the benefits of having the Jenius Credit Card? 

Jenius offers you various benefits, including:
1. Security in transactions,
2. Ease of managing and monitoring card usage in the Jenius application,
3. Manage your personal financial cashflow with flexible payment methods,
4. Earn Yay points (reward points) for your transactions which can be exchanged for attractive rewards.
How do I apply for a Jenius Credit Card?  

1. Make sure you meet the requirements for applying for a Jenius Credit Card
2. You can apply for a Jenius Credit Card through Credit Card tab on Card Center page or through the Credit tab on Wealth page.
3. Click “Apply Now” and complete your information according to the flow in the Jenius application.”

What are d-Card and s-Card?

d-Card is an abbreviation for digital card. d-Card is the Main Credit Card that is given to the Main Credit Card Holder.

s-Card is an abbreviation for supplementary card. The s-Card is a supplementary credit card given to the Supplementary Cardholder, at the request and approval of the Main Credit Cardholder, in which all transactions made by the s-Card will be billed and become the full responsibility of the Main Credit Cardholder.

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